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2014 Changes to the Venturing Program

The program levels (awards) below are progressive in nature.

  • Joining level
  • Initial participation
  • Commit to crew and ideals
  • Induction into crew

  • Full participant, developing core skills
  • Active in crew adventures and activities
  • Introduction to leadership (training and practice)
  • Participation in crew or individual service
  • Goal setting and personal management training

  • Emerging leadership, challenging skills and activity level
  • Elected or appointed leadership role including advanced training
  • Participating in activity and service planning
  • Goal development, planning, and pursuit

  • Fully realized skills and leadership
  • Focus is:
    • Mentorship of other crew members
    • Capstone service project
  • Goal approach: Longer horizon, larger life impact

Download your copy of the 2014 Program Update Guide

  Download the full versions of the program changes and FAQs.
2014 Venturing Program Change Overview | Venturing FAQs

Watch National President Wayne Perry and National Venturing President Annaliese Parker, announce the new Venturing Award Names

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