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Achievement is a pillar of the Scouting program, and more than ever, young people need exciting opportunities to learn, along with immediate recognition; to keep them engaged and growing.

Advancement Reporting & Recognition Items
The Internet Advancement System is available for the Unit Advancement Chairman to regularly load the units roster, enter advancements and submit to Council, for recognition item pick up. If your unit is having trouble with this system, we have posted a Microsoft Word version of the Advancement Report . Download the form, edit, save and email or faxed to 402.431.0444 to submit, and order recognition items.
Regular reporting is important for the accuracy of the Scouts record.

STEMThere are is an exciting new development, that centers around Scouting's already developed program. As America realizes the need to build a workforce that's excited about STEM (science, technology, engineering & math), the BSA has developed the NOVA Awards program to highlight parts of the Scouting advancement and achievement offerings that already fall in-line with STEM topics. Read More
Venturing Bronze Award
Venturing Bronze AwardOne of the strengths of the Venturing program is its ability to meet the interests of all Venturers. Sometimes Venturers like to investigate new, different areas. Variety in a crew always seems to make it more fun to go to meetings and outings. Also, Venturers probably have many interests or would like to have more. Because of that desire, and to provide a pathway to many different experiences, the Venturing awards program is offered. There are five different Venturing Bronze awards: Arts and Hobbies, Outdoor, Sea Scouts, Sports, and Religious Life. Read more
Venturing Gold Award
Venturing Gold AwardThe Venturing Gold Award was developed to recognize the significant accomplishment in a Venturer's life as he or she has proven outstanding performance in a broad spectrum of activities. Earning it will challenge and motivate Venturers over an extended period. Download an application form | Read more
Venturing Silver Award
Venturing Silver AwardThe Venturing Silver Award is available to all Venturing youth members of the Boy Scouts of America. Its purpose is to provide a pathway for personal development; encourage Venturers to learn, grow, and serve; and recognize the high level of achievement of Venturers who acquire Venturing skills. Download an application form | Read more
Venturing Ranger Award
Venturing Ranger AwardThe Ranger Award exemplifies a challenging high-level outdoor/high-adventure skills advancement program. Once earned, it will identify a Ranger as a person who is highly skilled at a variety of outdoor sports and interests, trained in outdoor safety, and ready to lead or assist others in activities. Rangers can be a great program asset to Cub Scout packs, Boy Scout troops, and others. Read more
Sea Scouting Quartermaster Award
Sea Scouting Quartermaster AwardThe Quartermaster Award, which stands for excellence, goes to the young adult who attains the highest rank in Sea Scouting. The award is a reminder that as a ship needs a rudder, a compass, and a moving force to reach its destination, so an individual must be physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight to achieve worthwhile goals in life. It represents fulfillment. It results from a young adult's determination to reach goals that he or she has set and achieved in spite of difficulties along the way. Download an application form | Read more
The Quest Award
Venturing Quest AwardWhile working on the Quest Award, Venturers will be required to learn more about what makes up a nutritional diet as well as design their own personal exercise plans based upon lifestyle, fitness levels, and desires for a healthy and long life. Download an application form | Read more
TRUST: Religious & Community Life Award
Venturing TRUST AwardWhile working on the TRUST award, Venturers will learn more about themselves, their communities, their religion and culture, as well as those of others. Trust is an essential aspect of our relationship with others - both personally and corporately. Learning to trust is the challenge. Today young people live in an increasingly pluralistic society made up of multiple nationalities, cultures, and religions. One way to work toward a safe future is to learn to get along and work together. Understand is a good start toward trust. Read more
Shooting Sports Outstanding Achievement Award
Shooting Sports Outstanding Achievement AwardWhile working on the Ranger Shooting Sports elective, Venturers are required to complete one of the following disciplines: air pistol, air rifle, archery, muzzle-loading rifle, shotgun, or small bore rifle. However, Venturers who go beyond the basic requirement and complete five of the six disciplines will earn the Venturing Shooting Sports Outstanding Achievement Award. Download an application form | Read more

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