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Volunteer to Help Wayne NE After the Storm
You can help pick up the pieces in Wayne, NE. 
Call 402-833-1800 to volunteer.

Friday, October 4, 2013, an EF-4 tornado plowed through Wayne, NE leaving a 2-mile wide path of destruction.  Businesses and homes were severely damaged and destroyed.  Boy Scout Troop 174 in Wayne has been working to pick up the pieces of their community and homes.

You can help fellow Scouts and Scouters pick up the pieces. Call 402-833-1800 to volunteer.

Provide your name, age, what you're able and willing to do, and when you would be available to help - during the week, or on the weekend for a few hours or more.  For example, Scouts would be able to help clean up debris with shovels and rakes, and help families move belongings from homes to storage. Youth may not operate power tools or equipment. There are many things that need to be done that you could do.

Wayne is located in the Diamond Dick District in the northwest area of the Mid-America Council. If you have questions, contact Diamond Dick District Executive, Tracy Yost at (402) 841-3037.

Call 402-833-1800 today to schedule a time for you and your Scouts to volunteer and help pick up the pieces in Wayne, NE.

Remember to record and log in your community service hours provided.

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