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Name: Randy Helder | Submitted: July 10, 2009
Organization: Chaplain, Troop 530, Sagamore Council, Kokomo Indiana
Country: USA
Message: Just a note to tell you that your families and council are in our Thoughts and Prayers. A memorial to these fine young men hangs in our new Summer camp Dining Hall. God Bless and stay strong.

Name: Earl Boston | Submitted: June 12, 2009
Organization: --
Country: USA
Message: West Point Boy Scout Memorial ParkThis photo was taken at West Point Boy Scout Memorial Park on June 11, 2009. Click on the photo for a larger image.

Name: Jeff Parness | Submitted: June 11, 2009
Organization: The New York Says Thank You Foundation
Country: USA
Message: Just wanted to let you know that all your new friends at New York Says Thank You are thinking of you and keeping you in our prayers today
Big hugs from New YAWK City

To support this year's 9/11 Anniversary rebuilding project at the Little Sioux Scout Camp, please click here

Name: Susan Dill | Submitted: June 11, 2009
Organization: Clinton Valley Council, BSA
Country: USA
Message: We are honored to lower our flags and respectfully honor and remember the Scouts that were lost last year.

We hold them in our hearts and say a prayer for all their family members as well as your council family.

Name: Linwood "Woody" Wiley | Submitted: June 11, 2009
Organization: Northeast Region, BSA
Country: USA
Message: Northeast Region remembersThe Northeast Region joins the BSA Scouting community today in remembering the loss of four fine young men and the remarkable resiliency and faith of their families.
We offer our continued prayers and join in expressing our gratitude for the heroism displayed by the other Scouts and leaders and the actions of the emergency responders.

Name: Gene Ramsey | Submitted: March 30, 2009
Organization: Troop Committee, Troop 84, Stuarts Draft, VA
Country: USA

The loss of a Scout reverberates painfully
Throughout the family of Scouting--
Three Scouts and a leader in Virginia--
A car crash in '06--
It still hurts.

All the more painful when the youths
Are of such proven promise
As the four lost to a tornado at
Little Sioux Scout Camp in Iowa
On the eleventh of June, 2008

Ben, Josh, Sam, and Aaron--
All of Scouting the world over
Feels the loss, shares the pain.

And what of the others that were there,
So painfully torn from the womb of childhood?
Yet still able to stand firm to the principles of Scouting--
Still able to deal with the task thrust upon them--
Still able to maintain faith in their future,
And to plan for it, and to carry on.

What enabled them to do this
So fully, even gracefully?

It is parents who have the courage
To have faith in their offspring
And to convey that faith.
So the boy builds on that
To create faith in himself--
Faith to carry him out into the world.

It is that faith in a Being greater than ones self
That one can tap into through prayer--
For sustenance, for comfort for one's spirit,
In time of need.

It is the Scout Oath and Law
Giving a meaning, a purpose, and a direction
For putting to use acquired skill and knowledge,
Leading to confidence in ones' ability
For taking action, for being up to the task
For performing confidently, with courage

So what of Scouts elsewhere, their numbers legion,
Who have yet to be tested?  What of them?
Are they not of the same oath and law,
The same motto, and of like training?
Could they not also rise to the occasion?

One would think so,
And one is much encouraged at the thought,
The Scouts of Pahuk Pride having validated
Our faith in our youth.

Name: Robin Zagurski, LCSW, LIMHP | Submitted: March 2, 2009
Organization: Red Cross Mental Health Volunteer
Country: USA
Message: I have been a a volunteer with the Heartland Chapter of the American Red Cross since 19966. From my first day, I have been impressed by how Red Cross volunteers treat every person with respect and kindness.

On June 11, 2008, I was called to respond to the tornado that killed four Boy Scouts and injured several more at the Little Sioux Scout Camp. Four volunteers from the Heartland Chapter drove up to the community center where the families gathered to await news of their boys. We didn't know what we would find when we got there.

When we arrived, we sat with the families as the waited for information. I was privileged to work closely with law enforcement as they notified the families of the boys who had died. While this sort of work is difficult and heart-wrenching, it is also the most rewarding work I've ever done and I will always remember what an honor it is to be allowed to help, to offer comfort and concern and support when people need it the most.

Name: Earl Boston | Submitted: February 21, 2009
Country: USA
Message: Below is a link to KCCI-TV in Des Moines – which shows a recent broadcast about "Aaron Eilerts' Day of Service & Giving" which will be held on February 24, 2009. It is very inspiring and touching. Click here

Name: Bill Edwards | Submitted: January 16, 2009
Organization: Scoutmaster Troop 226 & OA Vigil Member Caddo Lodge
Country: USA
Message: As a Scoutmaster who lost one of His Scouts to a tragic accident in 2007 I can truly say I know how everyone feels with the loss of 4 young Scouts. Four young men, who's Eagle Trail on Earth has been cut short way to soon. I know how the emptiness cannot be filled, as their sounds of joy you hear no more. The feelings of regret, that maybe you could have done more, tear you apart every day. No more will you be able to show them how special they are or be able to rejoice in their accomplishments. But I have learned to give more now because you realize how short your stay with them can really be. They have gone to a better place and they have reached their Eagle summit. With their loss we have gained four Hero's, someone we can look to for guidance. They brought the best out in all of us and will forever as long as we keep them alive in our hearts. I did not know them personally but I do know about them with the look of wonder in their eyes, with the sound of trust in their voices. I see their faces every day I see my Scouts, as they are all a part of a group that is special to us all, Scouting. The tragedy that took them from us inspired other Scouts to become the best they could be. These Scouts chose to disregard their own safety and to think only of the safety of their brothers in Scouting. We can honor these Scouts with the Highest Awards in Scouting. To those that were lost we can honor them by trying to live as they would have us live, by the Scout Law and Oath. May Gods hand reach down and touch your heart so you will know He called them home to be Eagle's with Him in Heaven.

Name: Adam Beard | Submitted: January 1, 2009
Country: USA
Message: My prayers are with the friends and family of the boys who passed away. As a Boy Scout myself it feels that I have lost 4 scouting brothers but i know that they will live on among us. May God Bless all of their families and friends for as long as they live.

Name: Doug Chisam | Submitted: December 23, 2008
Organization: Charter Rep Pack 457 Bellevue, NE
Committee member Troop 464 Bellevue, NE
Country: USA
Message: Our son was a Pahuk Pride staff member at Little Sioux and was a tent mate of Aaron Eilerts after the rains from the night before the storm had flooded his tent.  I dedicated this year's family Christmas letter to the scouts of Little Sioux. Read more

Name: Thomas John, Mary and Larry Auen | Submitted: December 2, 2008
Organization: Mid-America Council
Country: USA
Message: Thomas John Auen and his parents Mary and Larry Auen would like to thank all the scouts and  troops from across the country who supported Thomas- after the tornado that struck the LSSR- in June with cards and letters and financial support. Since the tornado Thomas has had 10 surgical procedures to repair physical damage that he received. Throughout this period Thomas has stayed positive and faithful. Just this past month he has come out of his wheel chair and is now walking with a cane.   Thank You for your support

Name: Tawny Slaughter, Scout Leader  | Submitted: November 24, 2008
Organization: Troop 121 Bloomington, IN
Country: USA
Message: Click here to read the article written and published in the PhilNews at Philmont Scout Ranch

Name: MAJ. Jesse Carnes and Steve Beatty, Scoutmaster | Submitted: October 9, 2008
Organization: Troop 478, Istrouma Council
Country: Baton Rouge, LA, USA
Message: Elegy for Aaron Robert Eilerts

Aaron, O Aaron, in whom we rejoice,
Please sing to us in your dear sweet voice.
We long for your face and gentle ways,
When you said, "It'll be alright"
and brightened our days.
We love you, we love you, but you gave your all.
Our hearts hurt so, and our teardrops fall.

Assuredly, Aaron was friendly, and warmed up to people.
Equally so, he was joyous in the process of serving others.
Yes, he did this, and this means that he was GIVING.

He helped the hurt, the lonely, the depressed, and needy.
And, he was ever, ever mindful of others—at his own expense.
Yes, Aaron did this, and this says that he was THOUGHTFUL.

Aaron made classes at RBMS fun, lively, and stimulating.
He was intelligent, but shared his treasures with all . . .
Yes, he did this, and it shows that Aaron was SO EBULLIENT!

Aaron, O Aaron, in whom we rejoice,
Please sing to us in your dear sweet voice.
We long for your face and gentle ways,
When you said, "It'll be alright"
and brightened our days.
We love you, we love you, but you gave your all.
Our hearts hurt so, and our teardrops fall.

Can anyone doubt that our scout was Larger-than-Life?
He NEVER complained, was never insolent—always encouraged.
Yes, Aaron did this, and it says that he was GENTLE.

Aaron always had fine character, and gave 110% to his work.
He was ever courteous, overlooking faults & quirks in others.
He did this—thus, it means he possessed a great HEART!

Despite his athletically lithe, slim form, he had a giant's heart.
Aaron was also affectionate, and possessed the Joie de Vivre.
Yes, this is so, & it shows that Aaron was lovingly WARM.

Aaron, O Aaron, in whom we rejoice,
Please sing to us in your dear sweet voice.
We long for your face and gentle ways,
When you said, "It'll be alright"
and brightened our days.
We love you, we love you, but you gave your all.
Our hearts hurt so, and our teardrops fall.

You would have made a fine chef . . . married . . . and kids.
Aaron would have surely wowed France and the World.
Yes, it means Aaron Eilerts had a vision for EXCELLENCE.

He never knew laziness, nor the state of being idle.
He always volunteered, sewed, giving up time and money.
Yes, and this says that Aaron was INDUSTRIOUS.

He was free of vices, and was athletic—a fine example for kids.
Also, his goal was to make Life EASIER for others around him.
But isn't this what most people term being SELFLESS?

Aaron, O Aaron, in whom we rejoice,
Please sing to us in your dear sweet voice.
We long for your face and gentle ways,
When you said, "It'll be alright"
and brightened our days.
We love you, we love you, but you gave your all.
Our hearts hurt so, and our teardrops fall.

Aaron possessed a magnificent thirst for learning.
Add to this, he was a flautist, pianist, actor, and a singer.
In simple terms, he was remarkably talented—PRODIGIOUS!

He loved to sing Elvis tunes, hymns, and the National Anthem.
And let's not forget one of his favourites: Defying Gravity.
Aaron loved music—in his heart was always a SONG.

And yet, we could ask:  "Did he surmise the shortness of his life?
Was he intuitive about packing in as much as possible?
We don't know, but there's no doubt Aaron didn't WASTE TIME.

Aaron, O Aaron, in whom we rejoice,
Please sing to us in your dear sweet voice.
We long for your face and gentle ways,
When you said, "It'll be alright"
and brightened our days.
We love you, we love you, but you gave your all.
Our hearts hurt so, and our teardrops fall.

Your irrepressible smile . . . THAT smile was always there.
Your dental braces even sparkled when you smiled!
O, Aaron, your smiles & laughter said you were always JOYFUL!

Yes, Aaron gave much . . . he gave so, SO much.
Certainly, we will never be the same—for you captured our hearts.
This indicates that you, dear Aaron, were remarkably SACRIFICIAL!

But, you were much, much MORE than what you gave.
You see, it wasn't what you GAVE, but the person you ARE!
You are Giving . . .  Thoughtful . . . Ebullient . . . SO Gentle . . .
a Great Heart . . . Warm . . . Excellent . . . Industrious . . . Selfless
. . . Prodigious . . . Singing . . . Ever Mindful . . . Always Joyful
. . . Remarkable . . .  and  . . . Sacrificial.

Aaron, O Aaron, in whom we rejoice,
Please sing to us in your fine, sweet voice.
We long for your face and gentle ways,
As, when you softly said, "It's alright"
and it brightened our days.
We love you . . . we miss you—on you we call—
dearest scout Aaron, who loved us ALL!

Name: Erik Moore | Submitted: September 17, 2008
Organization: Trailblazer District
Country: USA
Message: Here is a link to a video that is a tribute to those at Little Sioux that was made by a rover scout group in the Philippines. Click here to watch the video

Name: Nancy Remde | Submitted: June 24, 2008
Organization: Troop 537 (Holy Name of Jesus, Medina, MN)
Country: United States
Message: Troop 537 out of Holy Name of Jesus Church in Medina Minnesota had Scouts put together two huge gift baskets for Thomas Auen and Rob Logsdon, the two Scouts injured in the tornado that were transported to Minneapolis for surgery. With the help of the PR person at the hospital, the Scouts were able to deliver these to the patients and meet their parents. It was an awesome experience for all involved. I cannot tell you the pride I felt watching my Scouts walk down the hospital halls in their class A uniforms.  Truly what Scouting is all about.

Name: Judy Yeager | Submitted: June 20, 2008
Organization: NPR (National Public Radio)
Country: United States
Message: NPR Tribute to the Fallen Scouts of the Mid-America Council. Click here to listen

Name: Lisa Petry mother of Xavier Olivo | Submitted: June 19, 2008
Organization: Troop 550 Council Bluffs
Country: United States
Message: Little Sioux

Some time has passed
but not for them,
I can see it in their eyes
I hear it in their tone.

They all claim not to be heroes
and are so humble,
They're not saying...
I just wonder what is
really inside...
It is beyond our imagination
what they went through,
How has this hurt them?
What do they feel?
What did they see, what will they remember?

These boys turned quickly into young men
will be linked for life by this,
and only they will be able to connect to each other...
those that survived.
As with all tragedies life moves on
and I begin to wonder
when they will remember or realize what has happened
or the enormity of this...

To see, to survive, to relive, to realize, to be frightened and alone...
The scars are not only on the surface.
As a parent I wasn't there for you,
how can I be there for you now?

I pray and know that God has a plan and leave it in his hands.

Name: Rob Peters | Submitted: June 16, 2008
Organization: Trailblazer District, Mid-America Council
Country: United States
Message: Lake Manawa Day Camp 2008
This picture was taken at the Trailblazer District Lake Manawa Day Camp 2008.

Name: Mark Dickinson | Submitted: June 16, 2008
Organization: Blair Community Schools
Country: United States
Message: These photos were taken at a parade in Blair, NE on June 14, 2008
Blair, NE parade
Blair, NE parade
Blair, NE parade
Blair, NE parade

Name: Scouts-L Youth Group List On Behalf Of Bruce McCrea | Submitted: June 16, 2008
Organization: 1st Bulawayo (Pioneer) Scout Troop
Country: Zimbabwe
Message: Dear Brother Scouts,

It is with profound sadness that we learnt of the tragic loss of life at your Scout Camp earlier this week. Some of us have satellite television connection and were able to see for ourselves of the devastation left behind after the tornado had struck. At our Scout meeting earlier this evening, (13th June) a tape recording from the Africa service of  "The Voice Of America " recorded earlier in the day was played. We were impressed by the actions taken by the Leaders and Scouts immediately before and after the event. Also the self control exhibited by those Scouts who were interviewed showed a high level of training of the Scouts in dealing with such an emergency.

To the families whose sons perished in the storm, our heartfelt sympathies. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.

Yours in Scouting,
Leader and Scouts 1st Bulawayo (Pioneer) Scout Troop

Name: Peta Lanham | Submitted: June 14, 2008
Organization: Redbank Plains Joey, Cubs, Scouts, Venturer & Rovers (Brisbane, Australia)
Country: Australia
Message: On behalf of the Redbank Plains Joey, Cubs, Scouts, Venturer & Rovers (Brisbane, Australia).

Naturally we have all heard of the terrible event that claimed the life of 4 of your youth members.

We wish to offer our deepest condolences to the families and the Scouting family of those who died.  We also commend the surviving troop members for their bravery and for using their skills to save others.  I am sure that you are very proud of them.  It is obvious the valuable lessons taught in Scouts have aided their ability to survive and to assist others.  It is a great tribute to the leaders who have taught these youth so well enabling them to spring into action at such a confusing, desperate time. 

We can only imagine how difficult it will be to overcome such a loss – our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Yours in Scouting,
Walluwarra (Ron Bowers) Group Leader
Bilby (Nada Bowers) Scout Leader
Wallaby (Peta Lanham) Scout Leader
Palona (Ria Brooker) Scout Leader
Chil (Judy Sutton) Cub Leader
Rann (Darren Lanham) Cub Leader
Mang (Andrew Hutchins) Cub Leader
Nala (Tracey Moyle)

Joey Scouts: Ben, Joshua, Cody, Jaiden

Cub Scouts: Roman, Rebecca, Joshua, Josiah, Bailey, Jack G, Robert, Tara, Jack H, Jenna, Jordan, Georgia, Alex, Joseph, Isaak, Zac, Cameron, Jake, Lachlan R, Liam, Melissa, Hayley, Jacob, Tyler, Lachlan T, Jaidyn, Sean, Elizabeth.

Scouts: Jonathan B, Jake, Steven, Matthew G, Rebekah, Aaron, Brock, Cameron, Mikayla, Gabrielle, Matthew P, Matthew S, Liam, Sekaihli, Bodie, Ayden, Kyle

Venturers: Hannah, Tamika, Ashleigh, Jonathan

Rovers: Tracey & Shannon

And all of our families.

Name: Mauro Giller - Delegate | Submitted: June 14, 2008
Organization: Air Scouts Brig. Eppinghaus Group 40 - PR - Brazil
Country: Brazil
Message: Air Scouts Brig. Eppinghaus Group 40 - PR - BrazilThis picture was taken this afternoon at the Sindacta Air Force Base, in Curitiba , PR Brazil. This is a message of hope and condolences  from the Air Scouts Brig. Eppinghaus Group 4o - PR. to the boys scouts families who lost their kids. The Flags were at half mast through the day as the leader  recalled the tragedy in Iowa. We are deeply saddened by what happened and send you our thoughts and prayers as well as strenght and love to the scouts boys group and families there.

Name: Lloyd Roitstein, Mid-America Council Scout Executive | Submitted: June 12, 2008
Organization: Mid-America Council
Country: USA

Read a special message from Lloyd Roitstein, Mid-America Council Scout Executive

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