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Cabela's responds to help Scouts in need

Cabela's SIDNEY, Neb. – June 13, 2008 – Tragedy struck the Little Sioux Scout Ranch in western Iowa on June 11 when a tornado destroyed the camp, claiming the lives of four young men and injuring 42 more Scouts, who were at the ranch for leadership and skills training. The Boy Scouts attending the camp also lost much of their gear to the storm. In response, Cabela’s has donated tents, sleeping bags and other camping essentials to the Boy Scouts of America, Mid-America Council.

“Our sincere sympathy goes out to those affected by this tragic event,” said Dennis Highby, President and CEO of Cabela’s. “We can’t replace the loss the Scouts and their families experienced, but hopefully our donation can help the Scouts get back to enjoying the outdoors as soon as possible.”

Soon after the tragedy, Cabela’s contacted the Mid-America Council to offer any assistance the Boy Scouts may need in the wake of the disaster. The Scouts were in need of any camping gear to replace equipment lost during the disaster. Cabela’s responded with a donation of 125 tents and sleeping bags, as well as other camping essentials.

Cabela’s counts former Boy Scouts among its leadership, including company-founder Dick Cabela, who attained the level Eagle Scout as a young man.

“The leadership and values I learned during my time as a Boy Scout has directly contributed to my success as both an entrepreneur and outdoorsman,” said Cabela. “It’s a worthy organization that molds young men into leaders, as evidenced by the way the survivors responded in the face of such a difficult crisis.”

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