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Recruiting Volunteers Step-by-Step

  1. Determine what volunteer positions are needed. Assess the effectiveness of existing volunteers. Define the responsibilities of the position and write a brief job description. List the qualities most likely to get the job done. (This may differ from job to job).
  2. Determine the best prospects for the job. Consider characteristics of the open position and many prospects for each job, and prioritize based on who has the qualities that best fit the job.
  3. Research the prospects at the top of your list. Learn what the prospect's interests, abilities and motivations are. Tailor your approach to the prospect's interests. Anticipate questions, determine who are the best prospects. Develop specific information on what you want the prospect to do. Outline the job description. Be careful not to give too much information, which can scare the prospect away.
  4. Make an appointment. Do not recruit over the phone, and do not let the prospect say no over the phone. Determine the best time and location. Avoid the workplace or office. Go to the prospects home and discuss with the spouse at the same time. Make sure that someone the prospect respects or who has influence with the prospect goes along. Never recruit alone.
  5. Make the sale. Deliver an exciting, enthusiastic, and brief pitch on the Scouting program and youth. Describe the job you want the prospect to do, its importance to youth and the community. Make sure the prospect understands what is expected. Know when to close the sale. Make sure the prospect knows exactly what is expected and is willing to do it.
  6. Ask for a commitment. You need the person -- say so. Be patient and wait for an answer.
  7. Have a fall back position in mind. Don't let the prospect off the hook. Get his/her help in recruiting others. Keep the door open for a later decision or position.
  8. Follow up. Give the new recruit materials or training videotape appropriate for the position. Formally acknowledge the commitment with a letter and additional materials for getting started in the new position. Invite and take the person to the next meeting. Within a week or two, follow up with specific orientation and an assignment. And get them signed up for position specific training offered by your District or Council.

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