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Make Boys' Life part of your boy's life

Boys' LifeDid your unit achieve 100% Boys' Life after re-chartering? If not, that is something that should be a top priority in 2011. Achieving 100% puts your unit one step closer to being a Quality Unit. When signing up new boys there should only be one fee which includes the price of registration and Boys' Life.

Here are just a few of the benefits of Boys' Life for Scouts and families:
Longer Tenure - Subscribers stay in Scouting an average of two and a half times longer than non-subscribers.
Advancement - The advancement rate for Boys' Life subscribers is more than twice that of non-subscribers.
Family Support - As families read Boy's Life with their children they become more supportive of Scouting.
Reading Capabilities - Studies have shown Boy's Life magazine readers tend to have better and stronger reading capabilities compared with those who do not receive the magazine.

Check out Boys' Life online at www.boyslife.org.

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