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District Contacts
District Chairman:   Jim Sandvold 402.719.1003
District Commissioner:   Mark Dickinson 402.533.3322
District Executive:   Vacant 402.431.9272
Program Specialist Afterschool Programming:   Tracy Brandt 402.640.8236
Youth Protection Training:   Walter LeRoy Groves, III 402.533.8486
Activities Chair:   Todd Goodwater 402.426.4517
Advancement Chair:   Scott Eveland 402.652.8630
Boy Scout RT Chair:   Vacant  
Camping Chair:   Scott Lucht 402.533.0810
Cub Camp Chair:   Todd Goodwater 402.426.4517
Cub Fall On-Boarding Chair:   Vacant  
Cub Scout RT Chair:   Vacant  
Cub Spring Event Chair:   Vacant  
District Dinner Chair:   Rod Wiese 402.677.5727
Eagle Proj. Approval Chair:   Scott Eveland 402.720.1007
Finance Chair:   Vacant  
ICC Community Chair:   Michael Tupa 402.426.7106
ICC Family Chair:   Brian Sandall 402.427.5311
LFL/Exploring Chair:   Vacant  
Membership Chair:   Vacant  
Merit Badge Chair:   Vacant  
OA Adviser:   Rod Wiese 402.685.6444
Pinewood Derby Chair:   Chad Fuchs 402.312.4028
Popcorn Kernel:   Vacant  
Public Relations Chair:   Vacant  
Roundtable Commissioner:   Mark Dickinson 402.533.3322
STEM Chair:   Yogi Martin 402.727.4048
Training Chair:   Chad Fuchs 402.312.4028
Venturing Chair:   Vacant  
Webelos Chair:   Vacant  
Team Lead for NE Nebraska:   Tracy Yost 402.841.3037
Field Director:   Daryl Milius 402.514.3021

District Roundtable

Goldenrod District meets the 1st Tuesday of the month at 7pm at Fremont Area Medical Center, 450 East 23rd St., Fremont, NE for Roundtable. This event helps unit leaders stay "in the know" about current events, training and activities. Mingle with other leaders and swap tips and tricks for an easier, more fun Scouting program. For more information about roundtable, please contact Mark Dickinson.

Goldenrod District Sponsor



Goldenrod District serves Scout leaders in Thurston, Cuming, Burt, Dodge, Washington and Saunders Counties in Nebraska.

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