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Petah La Shauro District Newsletter
District Contacts
District Chairman:   Tom Kent 402.276.5577
District Commissioner:   Crystal Quinn 402.910.3960
District Executive:   Sarah Wolta 402.514.3049
Youth Protection Training:   Scott Olander 402.679.8078
Activities Chair:   Lori Peters 402.910.5297
Advancement Chair:   Evan Wilke  
Camping Chair:   Joe Flash 402.276.2678
Cub Camp Director:   Vacant  
Cub Fall Event Chair:   Vacant  
Cub Spring Event Chair:   Vacant  
District Dinner Chair:   Charlie Bahr 402.276.3086
Eagle Proj. Approval Chair:   Vacant  
Finance Chair:   Vacant  
ICC Community Chair:   Vacant  
ICC Family Chair:   Aaron Howland 402.202.0797
LFL/Exploring Chair:   Vacant  
Membership Chair:   Troy Loeffelholz 402.563.7000
Merit Badge Coordinator:   Vacant  
OA Adviser:   Dale Bonge 402.395.6730
Pinewood Derby Chair:   Keith Hajek 402.615.1375
Popcorn Chair:   Crystal Quinn 402.910.3960
Public Relations Chair:   Vacant  
Roundtable Commissioner:   Troy Medinger 402.276.3841
STEM Chair:   Vacant  
Training Chair:   Sandi Seckel 402.564.3663
Venturing Chair:   Tom Kent 402.276.5577
Webelos Woods/Lock-in Chair:   Lori Peters 402.910.5297
Team Lead for NE Nebraska:   Tracy Yost 402.841.3037
Asst. Director of Field Svc.:   Nick Boden 402.514.3018
Field Director:   Daryl Millius 402.514.3021

District Roundtable

1st Thursday of the month at 7:30pm at Federated Church, 2704 15th St., Columbus, Unless otherwise noted.This event helps unit leaders stay "in the know" about current events, training and activities. Mingle with other leaders and swap tips and tricks for an easier, more fun Scouting program.
For more information about roundtable, please contact Troy Medinger.

Petah La Shauro District Sponsor

Sponsored by Pedersen Dental


Petah La Shauro District serves Scout leaders in Boone, Nance, Platte and Colfax counties in Nebraska

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