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Cub Scouts Cub Scouts have the opportunity to see things and go places they could never imagine. They go on field trips and go camping. Want to go on a campout? Want to learn a secret code? If you're a boy in the first through fifth grades, (ages 7-10), then Cub Scouts might be for you.


Cub Scout Program Changes for 2015



In 2015, Cub Scouts will get to know a new member of the Cub Scout team - Ethan! Ethan is a Cub Scout who will guide Scouts through each rank in the new Cub Scout program. He'll appear in each adventure in their new handbooks, and he will always be a year older and one rank ahead of the Scouts. As Cub Scouts learn a new skill, they'll look to Ethan for encouragement, helpful tips, funny stories, and even some mistakes he's made (and learned from) along the way.

Boys can aspire to the increasingly exciting adventures Ethan has going on with his den—as a Wolf in the Tiger handbook, as a Bear in the Wolf handbook, and as a Webelos Scout in the Bear handbook. And as they work toward their Webelos and Arrow of Light ranks, they will catch glimpses of the fun awaiting them as they transition to Boy Scouts.

Look for more on Ethan on the program updates page as we get ready to introduce him in 2015! 2015 Program Updates

Downloadable Sample Handbooks

Program Overview, Requirements, and Transitions

2015 Program Change Overview
We have changed our programs to reflect the results of a thorough program review and assessment that clearly identifies those elements that are appealing, exciting and culturally relevant to today's youth & families. Click here to download the program change overview Power Point.

2015-2016 Cub Scout Requirements
With the removal of the Academics and Sports Belt Loops, a brand new advancement program has been created. Click here to download the new Cub Scout Requirements. | Cub Scout Advancement Policy

2015 Transition Changes
Boys who join the Cub Scout program on June 1, 2015, or later must complete the Bobcat requirements listed below before earning the rank badge for their school or birth year. Click here to download all of the 2015 transition changes. | Cub Scout Program Transition

The New Cub Scout Adventure Program for 2015-2016
The BSA’s 2011–2015 National Strategic Plan calls for a number of actions to ensure that the Cub Scout program is as dynamic and relevant to today’s youth and families as possible. Goal 411 is primary among several goals focused on this objective. It calls for an assessment of the current program and a redesign to meet the objective above. The project plan for the goal calls for completion in May 2015 with the rollout of any new program. The plan has been following these phases:

  • Assessment: Comparing current program to defined objectives
  • Design: Defining desired future outcomes and structure of the program
  • Development: Writing and development of youth and adult leader materials
  • Production: Final editing, production layout, and printing/online development
  • Launch: Communications, training, and material distribution

Click here to download the New Cub Scout Adventure Program

2015-2016 Cub Scout Adventure Program FAQs
Q: What is an “adventure?”
A: An adventure is the new basic program unit in Cub Scout advancement. Each adventure represents an integrated program that uses a theme to deliver content derived from the desired outcomes. For example, one of the Webelos adventures, the Webelos Walkabout, achieves multiple desired outcomes within a single, theme-based adventure. Click here to download a copy of the most frequently asked questions about the 2015-2016 Cub Scout Adventure Program.

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