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Cub Scouts Cub Scouts have the opportunity to see things and go places they could never imagine. They go on field trips and go camping. Want to go on a campout? Want to learn a secret code? If you're a boy in the first through fifth grades, (ages 7-10), then Cub Scouts might be for you.


Bug A Buddy to join Cub Scouts!

Do you love Scouting? Did you have fun building your Pinewood Derby Car? Do you love fishing and camping? It's time to Bug A Buddy to join Cub Scouts! Use your Bug A Buddy cards and invite your friends to join your pack today!

You know that Scouting is a blast when your friends are by your side. You can earn your recruiter patch AND you will get to build the 2014 table top catapult when you Bug A Buddy to join your pack with you. Just bring a friend to your School Night for Scouting event!

Parents, help your son choose his buddies and gain advantages for his life he may not find some place else. Scouts grow up to:

  • Do better in school, graduating from high school and college at a higher rate.
  • Attain higher incomes and homeownership.
  • Value and practice their faith more consistently.
  • Give more back to their communities through acts of kindness.

Help your son Bug a Buddy and invite them to your pack's School Night for Scouting event. Scouts who have friends in the program stay in longer and benefit more from Scouting. Contact your cubmaster for your school night for Scouting event info. If you have questions, call Nick Boden at 402.514.3018.

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