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Camp Reservations and Rentals

The Mid-America Council is excited to offer an online system for viewing availability and reserving space at our Council camp locations. The Camp Reservation system provides a great way to view any and all of our properties and facilities and see when they are available. Read More

C.A.M.P. Book

This book is for the service of scouts and their troops, packs, crews and families when looking for a place to camp. This book contains the knowledge of campgrounds, parks, and trails in the Mid-America Council.

At the end of the book is a guide based on the facilities. Please note—there are lots of reasons why a park may not be open or may have fewer facilities than listed here. Parks close seasonally, states and counties change budgets, etc.
C.A.M.P. Book (Camping And More Project Book) 2014 Edition

2018 Camp Staff Application
Council Campmaster Corps
Units:  Are you looking for weekends to take your pack, troop, or crew to one of our camps?  How about a weekend that has an optional, FREE program feature provided by skilled adult Scouters?  Click here for more information.

Adult Scouters:  Are you an adult who enjoys spending time at our camps and is passionate about sharing your skills with others?  Consider joining the Campmaster Corps where you can spend weekends at our camps, be the host to units visiting, provide a brief program matching up to your skills, and assist the ranger with simple projects. Click here to satisfy you're new-found curiosity.

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