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BSA Shooting Sports

WHO: Troops and Crews
WHAT: Shotguns (20, 16, or 12 gauge) – Rifles (.177 or .22 caliber) – Blackpowder – Archery - Pistols (any caliber, Crews only)
WHERE: Council, District or Unit sponsored activities, including but not limited to: Summer Camp, Camporees, Troop Campout.
Who Again: The range must be administered by a National Camp School certified Shooting Sports Director and a National Rifle Association certified Range Safety Officer
Shooting Sports Director: 21 years of age or older and currently certified with National Camping School shooting sports director training within the past five years.
Range Safety Officer: 21 years of age or older and holds current National Rifle Association range safety officer credentials. Each shooting discipline (i.e. rifle, shotgun, pistol) requires specific training.
The Mid-America Council has 2 National Rifle Association Training Counselors who are able to train Range Safety Officers in each of the disciplines. A course is being planned for fall 2012. It will cost an estimated $120. Depending on the discipline, the training requires 16-20 hours of class time.
BSA Shooting Sports Quick Fact Sheet 
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